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Raphael's for your bread. Each of our breads has a wonderful flavor all its own. Fresh baked loaves with crisp crusts and nubby grain textured slices.

Made with healthful, wholesome ingredients: natural wholegrains, carefully aged sourdough, real honey, milk and butter.

We are happy to tell you more about our breads ... just ask.


Good Bread

We live in a time when nearly everything from food to furniture, music to humor, is delivered to us finished, demanding no sustained, creative attention. We are in a hurry to have, to use and to discard. Yet no great work has ever been done to people interested only in results.

The breadmaster is delighted with how water turns flour into batter - and with the way more flour turns batter into dough, with the way the mindless time of kneading paradoxically refreshes the mind, with the way the loaf rises in its own sweet time, not ours. If you can bring yourself to relish the process, you have the makings of a baker.

-- Robert Farrar Capon

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